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Kintampo Waterfalls

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Kintampo Waterfalls,attraction,ghana

Ghana has many water falls. This Kintampo Waterfalls is one of attractive waterfall in Ghana.


This beautiful fall is hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi to Kintampo highway.

This is the point where the Pumpu River falls some 70m down to continue its journey towards the Black Volta at Buipe and takes its source from Pumpum Atifi.
Kintampo Waterfalls,attraction,ghana Kintampo Waterfalls,attraction,ghana
There are two path ro waterfalls.
One is main path , many people visit from this way , tha fall are made up of 3 stages.Visitors crime up this waterfall stage and feel the nature.
Another path is not common way , you will reach the water fall where has sirence and private time.
This area is ideal for hiking and picnic.

Kintampo Waterfalls,attraction,ghana

Kintampo Waterfalls,attraction,ghana


Kimtampo waterfalls is located just 100m off the main Kintampo – Tamale highway , and 5km away from Kimtampo Town.
If you reach Kimtampo , taking taxi is better and easy way to access here.

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