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Labadi Beach

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Labadi Beach , Accra , Ghana

Labadi Beach is one of most famouse beach in Accra.

Many tourists come to enjoy this beach.

Labadi Beach has few beach , one is close to Labadi Beach Hotel , another beach sides are also located around here.

Labadi Beach Hotel

One is Labadi Beach Hotel , is attached this Hotel like private beach.
Labadi beach Hotel is well known high class hotel , has training room , big fahionable swimmng pool , tennis courts , restaurant.
If you stay in this hotel you can go to beach freely.
This beach side is for luxuary type beach resort.

La Pleasure Beach

The another beach is La Pleasure Beach.
This beach is most popular beach in Ghana during holiday and weekend , where is located in front of Labadi Beach Hotel.
La Pleasure Beach ofen hold beach party and concerts od variety of music genres.There are a number of bar , restaurant , pubs which serve many kinds of food and drinks.
People are very friendly , you can mingle with local people easyly.
Activities are enough , beach soccer , beach volleyball , horse riding , culutural dancing , concerts and so on.
Many local musicians around here play some music hiplife , highlife ,reggae music.
Labadi Beach , Accra , Ghana
This beach side is for more casual and cultual style.

Tawala Beach

Tawala Beach is located in South La Estates.
This beach is smaller than other beaches but less crowded than its neighbours.You spend calm time there.
Fortnightly Wednesday reggae night is well known for music lovers.
Labadi Beach , Accra , Ghana


25min away from Kotoka Airport.
It is bettr way to pick taxi to get each beach side.

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