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Nzulezu,western region,Ghana

Nzulezu is one of most popular sightseeing spot in Ghana.

This famouse village is located 90km west away from Takoradi , about two hours drive away from the beautiful beaches of Busua.

This ancient stilted village is famouse for interesting village where community life take place in the centre of jungle-bound Lake Tadane.
The village is made up of a 350m central walkway that spreads out by 30m each sideway.Population is around 300-400 , mainly work as farmer.Farm is located accross the lake.
Nzulezu,western region,Ghana
The house are built on silts that are made from coconut trees and other hardwoods.The supporting silts are changed every 4 years and structural woods every 6-10years.
According to history , the village was formed in the eighteenth century as a place local people could go to escape from slave raiders.
The name of thie village tramslates from the Nzema language as “Surface Water” which describes the way it harmonises with the water-dominated natural landscape.


First , you visit to village of Beyin , has Nzulezu reception Centor.
After payment , you will recieve short guidance about safety brifing.
Then guide will give you life jucket and lead you to board the rafts.
Nzulezu,western region,Ghana
Nzulezu,western region,Ghana


From Accra , Firts , you visit Takoradi.
The Assini Metro bus is waiting at Takoradi junctuon , this way is most cheapest way.You ride on this bus to the Alabokazo junction.Then taking taxi or trotro to village of Beyin by 20km away from Alabokazo junction.


If you stay in this interesting village , you can stay here.
This village has accommodation as homestay program.
Beyin Beach resort is also famouse and popular accommodation.
This resort is higher rate but you can relax after visiting Nzulezu.

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