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Bojo Beach Resort

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Bojo Beach Resort is close to center of Accra , where is around 40min away from Accra , well known as beautifull and exisotic beach resort , less crowded than La Beach.

This beach side is cut off by the densu River.You can reach other beach side by riding canoe to cross the river.
Bojo Beach has natural calm setting and medium strength waves , is one of the most beautiful beach in Accra.
10GHS is required as entrance fee to get in Bojo Beach.


Many people stay relaxing here with families and groups on the beach.
Visitors enjoy swimming , lay down sun bathing , play beach vallyball , beach  soccer. You can hire Jet Ski into the sea driving.


About 50min away from Accra , is located west from middle of Accra.
On the way to Kasoa from Accra , you should turnleft at the old police barrier called “barrier station” before Kasoa , shortly before Bortuanor , turn left and head towards to Bojo Beach.Around there it is well sign posted.

close to tourism spot

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