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Kakum National Park

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kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana
Kakum National Park is really famouse for popular sightseeing spot in Ghana.This adventure attraction is located at Central Region , far from 40min from CapeCoast , about 20 km north of cape Coast and 170km west of Accra.

kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana
This nature park has few bridges on the tree , which were made by Canadians.Many visitors come to join Canopy walking tour.
During walking Canopy Walkway much of Ghana’s indigenous plant and wild life are observed , tall hardwood trees at 65m in height , as well as rare butterflies.There are approximately 550 species of butterflies , 400 pieaces of birds and 100 species of mammals include 40 species of large mamals that like xetraordinary bongo and forest elephants.Those are seen early in the morning.
kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana


1.Canopy Walkway

Main attraction is Canopy Walkway , composed of 350m of suspended bridges and seven tree platforms that reach the height of 30m above the forest floor.
kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana
From the tree platforms and brides , amazing walking and spectacular view of rainforest eco-system you have.Don’t be serious if the bridges are shaked when some people walking on bridge.It is kind of attraction.
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On the weekend , many visitors rush to this wonderful Canopy Walkway.It sometimes might not be comfortable for you , the best time to visit here is early in the morning on not weekend.
At the entrance , you pay entrance and guide fee , then guide lead you to Canopy walkway with knowledgeable guidance about the tree , plants and histry of this national park.
The Canopy walking tour is about 1 hour walk with guide.

2.The Nature Walk

Not only Canopy Walkway , but also The nature hike is provided by well trained experts.The experts lead you to Canopy Walk , Tree house , and deep inside forest from two starting point.You can chose the starting point , dependhing on how long do you intend to hike.
Night walk is also provided , you can feel night life in the forest.
kakum national park,tourism,central region,ghana

3.The Afafranto Campingsite

This campsite is located 200 meters away from visitor centor of Kakum national park.You can spend your time in the rainforest with campsite.Visitor who want to camp here must bring your camp equipment by yourself.
I reccomend you to check up regulation and what facilities they have before going to campsite.


The rainforest lodge is the nearest lodge from Kakum national park , which 20min drive away from national park.
Other options are tree house in National Park and Camping in there.
Tree house is located in Kakum national park inside , which is situated 40feet above the forest floor.


Most cheapest way is using route taxi and trotro.
First , you should access to “Abura station” or “Pedu Junction”by trotro or route taxi.
From there , get route taxi ro trotro to entrance of Kakum National Park.
The other way is taking hire taxi from CapeCoast.
On the way to Kakum , you will pass through Monkey Forest Sanctuary and The Rain forest lodge.

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