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Busua Beach

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Busua beach , ghana , beach resort

Ghana in west africa faces Gulf of Gunia
When you move among the coast side , you can see many court and castle that they were known as main point as slave trade. You can feel historical and background of Ghana at coast side.It was known as Gold Coast in the past because there are many gold as well.

Gunia  has many beach for tourist.
Bojo beach  and Labone beach close to Accra is famous as resort beach side and Kokrobite beach is known as surfing spot close to Accra.At Wineba in Central region beside Accra has many beaches.
Many tourist visit to Wineba due to closer from Accra.The others, you can visit Capecoast castle and Elmina castle as known heritage.
In this time , Id like to introduce No1 Beach Resort in Ghana , Busua Beach in Western region.

Busua Beach

Busua beach , ghana , beach resort

Nodoughtfully, Busua beach is No1 beach resort in Ghana.
It is located one and half hour away by taxi from Takoradi in Western region.
Takoradi is most hottest city in Ghana because oil has found in the sea recently  so city is rapidly getting bigger and bigger as urbanization.
A lot of hotel and restaurant is open. Especially Chinese company has big presence in Takoradi.Busua is close to Takoradi.
Busua has many hotel, bar, restaurant beside beach side.
You can find hotel or accommodation easily without reservation.You can spend special and relax time on the beach side taking some drinks and food in restaurant and bar. My recommend is taking Chicken and alcohol in front of the beach.Almost beach in Ghana is not clear but Busua beach is very clean and clear.
Of course you can not only swin but also surfing and bodyboard.
The wave is moderate and melow for biginer.You can see many local kids enjoy surfing ,bodyboard,beach soccer , beach volleyboall and many beach activity.

Busua beach , ghana , beach resort Busua beach , ghana , beach resort


The road next to beach side has many craft shop and restaurant.


You can enjoy shopping. Peoples in this village are very friendly and kind and peaceful. The atmosphere is really nice.

Busua beach , ghana , beach resort Busua beach , ghana , beach resort



how to get Busua Beach?


1.at first, go to Takoradi(From Accra)


You can take trotro at Kanesi station in Accra to Takoradi.

It costs around 20GHS.There are few types of bus like trotro, VIP Bus and so on. If you want to relax you should ride on VIP bus.It takes 4 to 5hour from Accra to Takoradi.


The other way, Takoradi has airport.Also you can ride on aiarplane from Accra to Takoradi.It takes around1 hour to get there.


One disappointed point is that airplane is often canceled suddenlly.

If you plan to ride on airplane you have to be attention carefully.

2.Second,Takoradi to Agona


When you reach Takoradi, you have to ride on trotro from Takoradi to Agona.If you can not find out that trotro you should ask somebody. Im sure somebody tell you the station. Ghanaians is really friendly.

It takes 40min from Takoradi to Agona and cost around 3GHS.

If you don’t like trotro you should better to take taxi. It costs bit more expensive than taking trotro but it costs around 30GHS for a one taxi.


3.Finally,Agona to Busua


Almost is done when you reach at Agona.There are 2 way to get Busua from Agone.

One way is route taxi that it cost 5GHS.Another way is dropping taxi that is costs around15GHS.

If you ride on taxi it takes 20min from Agona to Busua beach.You will be definitely exciting when you reach busua beach!


You can feel No1 Ghana’s resort beach!

Busua beach , ghana , beach resort Busua beach , ghana , beach resort



There are many accommodation in Busua Beach 3star hotel , lodge , guest house and so on.
1.Busua Beach resort
This is 3star hotel in Busua beach.
The hotel has range of facilities for both the business and leisure travelar , such as conference rooms for up to 250 people ,two restaurants , teniss court , water sports  , kids playground ,awimming pool and dbusiness center.
2.African rainbow resort
A friendly hotel with warm hospitality located just a stone’s throw away from the beach and has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Abokwae island from their rooftop bar.
3.Alaska Hotel
This hotel is popular for backpacker and volunteers.
The basic 14 room guesthouse located on Busua Beach side is ideal for the
budget travellar and well placed for sea front views and beach activities.
And others famouse hotels are “Dadsons Lodge” and “Busua Inn”.

good season

Every season is enjoyable in this nice beach but especially in May , there is big music festival “Asa Baako” like modern outside music festival.
If you have chance to visit in this season you should join this nice music festival.Please make sure your accommodation during this festival before you go.All hotel must be full while this festival goes on.
Busua beach , ghana , asa baako feistival Busua beach , ghana , asa baako feistival

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