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Marine Turtle Watching

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marine turtle , gahna , beach resort ,tourism ,
Ghana’s marine turtle nesting beaches are located on the shorelines.These sutes are essential to the lifecycles of these gigantic prehistoric migratory species.

Marine Turtle

marine turtle , gahna , beach resort ,tourism ,



Three spexies of marine turtle nest on the beachside of Ghana.
The Green turtle , 80-125cm , weighing 130-250kg.
The Orive Ridley , 55-80cm , weighing up to 50Kg.
The Leatherback turtle , around 120cm , weighing 900g.

The Ghana Wildlife Society(GWS)

The Ghana Wildlife Society is at the forefront of the conservation of marine turtle in Ghana and it has been working on research and conservation , addresing the sources of mortality threatening the sea turtle of Ghana.

Marine Turtle Watching

Due to GWS’s effort , a number of hotels and resort along the western coast offer turtle conservation programms like Marine Turtle Watching.
If you ask the front of each hotel and resort , you can join the programms.
marine turtle , gahna , beach resort ,tourism , marine turtle , gahna , beach resort ,tourism ,
This servises are provided in below hotel and resort.
1.Ankobra Beach Resort(Western region)
2.Axim Beach resort(Western region)
3.Fanta’s Folly Beach Lodge(Western region)
4.Cocoloco Beach(Volta region)
5. Peace Holiday Resort (Accra)

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