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Best Water Falls in Volta Region

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ote falls , volta , amedzofe , ghana

Hi! I am a Japanese volunteer living in Ghana for 2yers , 2015-2017 , to enhance tourism.This time I have selected 5 nice falls in Volta region from my experience.


1.Wli falls

wli falls , volta,ghana,eco-tourism,travel
Undoubtedly Wli falls is No1 water falls in Ghana.
This water fall is the largest water fall in west africa , many tourist visit here everyday. Two main falls Upper and lower are well worth visiting once in Ghana.In addition , enjoy camping , bonfire , traditional drum and dance beside lower water fall.


2.Tagbo Falls

tagbo falls , volta , ghana

This fall is close to Mt.Afadjat the highest mountain in Ghana.
Almost people visiting this area expect to hike to the top of Mt.Afadjat but you should hike to this water falls as well even if you feel tired after hiking to Afadjat.


3.Gbadzeme Falls

Gbadzeme waterfall , volta, amedzofe,

This is precious seacret water falls attached big nature swimming pool.Actualy , this place is not well organized for tourism yet but really nice falls.This fall is in Gbadzeme village but you should access Amedzofe village where has tour guide to this falls.



4.Ote falls

ote falls , volta , amedzofe , ghana

Ote falls is one of eco tourism resouce in Amedzofe.
Rainy season is better to visit for enjoying falls to swim in.
The steep steps to falls is like adventure.You can visit Mt.gemi in this village as well.


5.Akpon Falls


This wonderfull waterfall is hiden in the forest.
After hiking , the cool breeze from the waterfall is very refreshing.Its plunge pool is also deep enough to swim.

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